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An awesome compilation of lesbian sex stories.

Story one: I was all into men and cock, loving everything about it, and never even thought of f--king a woman until that night in the club, when I saw that woman whose walk and everything about her made me so f--king horny that I was finger f--king myself under the table in the club right across from my hot male date whom I had intended on f--king that night. I sent him away, feigning tiredness, and I met up with that sexy woman inside the ladies' room in the club, and she sucked my c**t until I was coming in a way I had never come before, and before I knew it I was leaving the club to drive behind her as we raced to go to her apartment, for her to, as she said, show me what it felt like to make love to a woman, and I could not wait to find out.

Story two: I followed her home, and when we got there it was finally my time to taste her sweet pussy and make her squirm the same way she did to me less than half an hour before. After she came all over my face; she led me to her bed, where she positioned our feet so our pussies could meet, and as we gyrated on each other's c***s, the sensations that went through my body were so much more than I had ever felt with a cock deep inside me. I was going to be her bitch from that day forward, and there were not going to be anymore cocks inside my pussy, as I simply did not need it anymore.

Story three: I always knew I was a lesbian, as far back as I could remember, maybe as young as age 10 or even younger. My first lover was a female, and all my lovers ever since have been females as well. I discovered everything with her - how to kiss, how to suck and caress her breasts, and how to suck a woman's pussy and have a woman suck mine. The day we first sucked each other's pussies has stayed in my mind forever, even long after we had both moved on from each other as lovers.

Elizabeth Meadows
hr min
18 February
Speedy Publishing LLC

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