Mindfulness for Beginners: 21-Day Step by Step Guide to Relieve Stress and Find Peace in Your Everyday Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you have found that life is putting too many strains on you, or that the load that you are left to carry is too heavy, mindfulness may be the answer. People work their minds too hard sometimes. We are taught to think about our actions before we actually put them into practice. We are taught to think before we speak. In today's society, if we had time to relax and enjoy life, it's unlikely that we would, because such are the demands of a modern era. However, when you find out about mindfulness and start to use it, you begin to see things in a very different light. For example, you notice things you didn't notice before. Why? The problem with our philosophy on life is that we tend to look inward instead of seeing what's going on around us.

There are many books on mindfulness and some of them are useful while others seem to be regurgitated information, rather than being of any substance. The difference with this book is that it's written by someone who teaches people to use mindfulness to help improve the quality of their lives. Mindfulness isn't a fad. In fact, it has been taken so seriously by doctors that prescriptions are even being written for students to attend classes to help them to get over the problems associated with stress and anxiety. The success rate is astounding when you compare it with traditional treatment using medications. Did you know, for example, that statistics show that in America today, the use of medications for stress-related illnesses has increased to a worrying degree but that the figures of people who suffer from anxiety are not going down? Doesn't that tell you something about the efficiency of traditional treatment?

In this book, we look at the possibility of using mindfulness to be more aware of life, rather than hiding behind medication. Our 21 day step-by-step approach should be sufficient to make you feel less stressed by the end of the 21 days and ready to embrace a fresh approach to anxiety. You won't feel overwhelmed by it. You will feel that you are more in control of your life and you will also feel calmer in demeanor. We would suggest that you follow the steps within the book and try it. You have nothing to lose if you are already stressed to the max and are looking for a solution. Doctors in the United Kingdom have been using mindfulness to help those suffering with stress because they have recognized that there is little benefit in stifling people with medications that cause patients to be trapped in a vicious cycle. Now look at what mindfulness does. I know which way you would rather go.

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Lolita Anderson
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6 February
Will Ng