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Mood Therapy: The Essential Guide to Stabilizing Your Mood, Learn Expert Tips and Advice on How to Manage Your Moods and Stay Positive in Life
Mood means more than just being happy or being sad. The word mood encompasses much more than that. The word actually comes from older words that mean spirit, mind, to strive, be energetic and courage. Moods are considered an emotional state but they differ from emotions in that they are less intense, less specific and less likely to be triggered by stimulus or particular events.
There are also mood disorders that come from long-term disturbances in the moods of individuals. These cause significant changes in mood that have a negative effect on daily life. Anyone can be affected by mood disorders at any point in their life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 9.5% of adults in America experience a mood disorder each year and 45% of those individuals will experience severe symptoms of the disorder.
Our thoughts greatly impact our mood and it is important that we learn how we can exercise some form of control over it. This audiobook will give you information on how you can take control over your moods, learn to be more optimistic and even happier so you can live a better life for yourself.
In this audiobook, the following topics would be discussed:
- The Basics on Moods
- Identifying Where the Mood is Coming From
- Get In a Take Charge Frame of Mind
- Learn to De-Stress
- Watch What You Eat and Drink
- Learn to Let Up On Yourself A Bit
- The Benefits of Managing Moods
- Staying Motivated to Manage Moods
- Staying on Track
- Making Resolutions for Managing Moods
Bad moods may lead to worst scenarios and good moods may lead you to good scenarios.
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Todd Studer
hr min
15 July
Author's Republic