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Do you want the complete guide to feeling empowered & in a position of control when dealing with narcissists?!

Is there a narcissist in your life that you're finding difficult to deal with?

Perhaps a controlling partner or an overbearing colleague at work?

Egotistical "friends" who somehow seem to have a way of elevating themselves while bringing you down every time you see them?

A family member who constantly oversteps the mark with their arrogance and manipulating ways?

A neighbor who seems intent on making your life miserable?

Whatever the case, this book has will help you first understand these individuals, and then, perhaps more importantly, will guide you in exactly how to deal with them.

In the first book we'll look at the origins and causes of narcissism, the nine traits of a narcissist - what you should be aware of when meeting someone you suspect is a narcissist, narcissism vs. narcissistic personality disorder, the differences between covert and overt narcissism, the narcissist's drug and their greatest fear - Primary and secondary narcissistic supply, narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage, how to spot the narcissist - on a date, in your friendship circle, in your family, in the workplace & on the Internet, and finally, dealing with or getting away from the narcissist.

In the second book, we interview a self-confessed narcissist and ask them 70 probing questions to understand why narcissists do what they do and why they apparently feel so little remorse for the way they use and abuse their victims.

Finally, in the third book we'll look at exactly how and why you must break all contact with the narcissist in your life.

You will see that dealing with narcissists is actually easier than you think when you follow a simple set of rules. Don't let the narcissist in your life bully and abuse you for a moment longer! Take action now!

Science & Nature
Lesley Ann Fogle
hr min
20 December
Eddington Publishing

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