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Pit Bull 101 traces the loveable pit bull from its historic ancestry to today. The dog’s pedigree, genealogy, and temperament are illustrated. Pit bulls have been the subject of adverse legislation illegal operations, and public disquiet. By learning about the pit bull, you will find that they are not dangerous, vicious, or difficult to train. 

Pit bulls have a varied history. They are not fighting dogs but rescue dogs, police dogs, dogs used for care, and support dogs. They will love you unconditionally and be your most loyal friend. 

At one time in America’s history, pit bulls were known as America’s dog. They were on war posters for WWI and WWII, the face of Buster Brown shoes, and known as nanny dogs. You have seen the pit bull running with the little rascals and as a part of Rachael Ray’s dog food commercial. 

The pit bulls reputation was horribly damaged by magazine articles, media prejudice, and the story of Michael Vick and his dogfighting project. Yet, these dogs that were horribly abused and tortured became happy and loving family pets and mascots. The Michael Vick tragedy changed the face of dog rescue. Fighting dogs are no longer indiscriminately “put down.” 

The care and feeding of a pit bull are outlined in the book. These same training techniques, feeding, and scheduling tips can be used for any dog, and if you are diligent and consistent, these tips will provide you with a pit bull that will outlive any other breed. 

Now, there are rescue societies and groups that understand what a pit bull is, and they are working diligently to repair this breed’s reputation. Own a pit bull, and you will find that they are awesome dogs. 

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Catherine Thompson holds a masters' degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on grant writing. She has written thousands of articles that include natural health, drug rehab, dog training, investing and the metals industry, recipes, and how to cook organically. She loves research, and if she does not know a subject, she will research, read, and summarize. 

Fun items include gardening, dog training, education, childcare, sports interests. Catherine loves to review books! Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 20+ years of experience in editing, teaching English, office management, collections, and customer service. 

Willing to do research on any topic and write about these topics, Catherine prides herself on meeting deadlines and giving the best work. Currently, Catherine is writing blogs and dog books on pit bulls and malamutes. Her free time is spent gardening, hiking and camping, and cheering on baseball, soccer, and basketball games for little people. Catherine lives in Utah with her husband and pit bull Penny.

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