Raze Vs Raze

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    • $13.99

Publisher Description

“Razes, Razes, snatched away … Razes, Razes, break your chains …”

The Raze gang have lost to the cunning of the Wolf. Yet, worse than facing the overlord of the snatchers, and the king of The Hunt – they must now face off with one of their own. The original, most deadly of the Razes has been turned against them.

Dom is caught in a nightmare battle with himself, with his own mind, and with the Razes he has forgotten that he loves. Kiddo is in a nightmare battle to make Dom remember, and to reclaim those who were taken from him, before it’s too late for the damage to be undone.

A gritty urban backdrop, gang warfare, a vigilante hero, a corrupt system, and a bisexual awakening. Join the action and enjoy the ride.

Interview with the Author:

Q. What could readers compare the ‘Raze Warfare’ series to?

A. It has a similar tone to ‘The Outsiders,’ with a gang like a family of very different people who need each other.

Q. What makes this series different?

A. Girls are kick ass members of the gang. Sexualities are open (there’s a bisexual triad romance – why choose?). There are diverse racial backgrounds. There’s some gender bending. The enemy is more covert, but widespread – a corrupt underground system. And the gang members enforce vigilante justice, while battling their own demons – ranging from trauma to learning difficulties.

Q. What do you love most about this series?

A. I love that Kiddo and Raze are so different – opposites attract. Their deepening, first time gay romance felt so intimate and sweet and real to write. I especially loved including so many diverse kinds of people without feeling the need to centre the story on their background, because people are people. I loved having them there, as they are, rolling with the punches as people do – rather than the storyline centring on any stereotypes.

Shelley Cass
hr min
14 June
Shelley Cass