Repurpose me: Your path to a contentment mindset

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    • $21.99

Publisher Description

Do you take life too seriously even though you know it is so temporary…….? Have you found yourself postponing the things that you really want to do……….? Do you ever wish you could enjoy your work a little more or wonder where to find purpose, happiness, or just contentment?

Signing off on an exhilarating 35-year-long career in managing hotels, Rahul drew a line in the sand and repurposed. This mindset to contentment is explored and challenged in this ‘why to’ rather than ‘how to' book. Here in his third publication, he takes a deep dive into perspective in life and the joy of philanthropy as he takes you on a journey to disrupt the norm and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Is it wise to postpone so many of the things that make our heart sing, to sometime later on when there is no guarantee that such a time will come for you and what state of mind or health you will be in? Repurpose, the realignment of life to create a purpose, maybe the answer and that can be done at any time. The key message is not to postpone anything that is important to you!

This book will help readers in their twenties right across to their sixties and beyond to think about the bigger picture, as they ponder the thought-provoking questions at the end of some chapters and the disruptive challenges at the end of others. The emotions and complexities of our lives are balanced against the practicalities of real-life financials The very last chapter reviews the meaning of life with perspectives from the world’s great intellectual traditions, intricately blended in with the author's own references.

Rahul Rai
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7 October
Rahul Rai