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When Daniel White realized the common points between all functional approaches, he created the Practical 3-Step Method.

If you have already listened to our book Start Self-Help, you are ready to identify which of the three steps we are focusing on this time.

If you are looking for a boost to quickly improve your personal growth, this guide is for you. You now have the possibility to learn and apply the most advanced of Daniel’s methods, usually reserved for his direct students. You will have access to all unrevealed methods discovered during 20 years of research and actively applied by the man who has coached thousands of people during the past five years.

Being mentored is the quickest and safest way. If you are looking for a theoretical and inapplicable manual, then you are not in the right place.

Daniel White has selected a set of rules and secrets from the self-help methods. The rules and secrets will be explained in three advanced lessons:

When I was young but pathetic
When I took the decision
When I will (never) die

There are just three lessons, no more. But each of them is so full of knowledge and power to definitely change your way of thinking and your emotional system.

Always remember personal growth is a choice!

Have you ever felt that you lacked a real benchmark during your personal growth process? Daniel White was having the same problem until he started to look around after his latest crisis.

He tested a lot of strategies and techniques to fight his depression and his particular emotional system that was subconsciously set up by his family during his youth.

Of course, the emotional system and personality aren’t genetic and unchangeable, even if they are rooted in ourselves. It took Daniel White time to realize this.

Personal growth is a choice! But effective coaching to get real results is not.

This book stresses the importance of having a mentor. If someone told to him exactly what to do, Daniel White would haven’t spent 20 years of his life studying and applying every existing self-help technique.

Daniel White realized that if he really wanted to improve himself, he would have to develop a functional approach by combining all his studies and his experience. When he finally found some working techniques, he started to break down the reasons that allowed those techniques to work. By that time, he started looking for a mentor for each functional point of each technique and method.

Timothy Brandolino
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23 August
Daniel White