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Ever get a little overwhelmed by trying to think of what to teach your team in practice?

Wish you had a book that was a listen quick that doubled your confidence by pointing out the most important things to focus on with your team?

Want to learn the number one thing to build the bond between you and a player that takes less than five seconds.

Ever have difficult players or parent(s) of a player and wish you knew the steps how to handle them in a way that is a win-win for both parties?

If any of these situations describe where you are at, you are not alone. Working with the directors of your club, managing the expectations of your players’ parents, and making an enjoyable experience for the players while also wanting to win is not an easy feat. I am impressed that you are taking up this sometimes thankless position as you are making a difference in your players’ lives, even if they do not verbally tell you.

As the coach, you are the leader of the team and should lead by example. The harder you work, the harder your team will work. There is not a perfect way to coach and it normally takes time to find the style that works best for you and motivates your players. This book will help you in that process.

This book is not intended to be a complete guide on coaching because if you have ever coached, you realize that everything to know could not be contained in one book. Other author’s tend to fill up their pages with coaching tips for various situations, but never really say which things to know are the most important and will make the biggest difference for your team. This book does exactly that. This book’s main aim is to point out and provide help with the most important areas for you, the coach, to succeed with your team. In an ideal world, you have an infinite amount of time to work with your players. However, we both know that you hardly get enough practices each year and the players’ attention spans can make the practices even more limited. 

Therefore, this book details the most important 20 percent of coaching points to help you get 80 percent of the results. This book details various coaching styles, ways to get the team to respect you even more, and work hard for you. This book does not cover the technical aspects of soccer such as how to pass the ball, shoot properly, perform a foot skill. Other books in the Understand Soccer Series have been created to cover those subjects and are also available on Amazon.com. 

Outcomes of applying the facts in this book:

Have the terrific feeling where you are working with your players’ parents instead of against them.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the major formations to ensure that you are using the best formation for your team to win.

Understand the #1 technique to make sure all your advice is followed and not just heard, which is a major struggle for most coaches. 

Why does learning these things matter?

Well, building your soccer knowledge grows your coaching confidence. Coaching-esteem is key for you, the coach, to build the belief in yourself to know how to handle the difficult situations that can arise when coaching. 

It is time for your Soccer Coaching to reach the next level. Become the coach that changes every game from here on out and the coach whose team every player wants to be on. 

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Dylan Joseph
hr min
7 November
Understand, LLC