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The brand-new adventure from the beloved author of The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.

Victor Alderheim has a lot to answer for. Not only has he heartlessly tricked his young ex-wife, Jenny, out of her art gallery inheritance, but he has also abandoned his son, Kevin, to die in the middle of the Kenyan savanna.

It doesn’t occur to Victor that Kevin might be rescued and adopted by a Maasai medicine man, or that he might be expected to undergo the rituals expected of all new Maasai warriors – which have him running back to Stockholm as fast as you can say circumcision without anaesthetic.

Back in Stockholm, Kevin’s path crosses with Jenny’s – and they have an awful lot to talk about, not least a shared desire to get even with Victor. So it’s convenient when they run into a man selling revenge services, who has an ingenious idea involving Victor’s cellar, a goat, some forged paintings, four large boxes of sex toys, and a kilo of flour …


‘This novel zips along’ Sunday Times

‘In the first chapters of Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd there’s enough plot for several novels… Jonas Jonasson, best known for The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, is a wildly inventive writer, often funny, who stuffs his bonkers but entertaining story with art, politics and romance, and a tongue-incheek meditation on the philosophy of getting even. Great fun.’ The Times

‘Jonas Jonasson creates hilarity out of brilliantly absurd plots, whether it is a 100-year-old man escaping through an old folk’ home window, or a South African peasant girl who saves the King of Sweden. His latest unlikely hero is Kevin who is abandoned by his callous father on the Kenyan savannah in the expectation he will be eaten by lions…Add a crooked art dealer, a lazy Swedish policeman, an ophthalmologist whose wife ditched him for a urologist, and we are set for delicious Jonasson mayhem’ Daily Express

‘A glorious romp which confirms Jonas Jonasson’s status as the most brilliant comic novelist alive’ Daily Mirror

‘So entertaining, completely crazy and very quirky. This is why I love reading his books, they are so different, and unique’ 5 Star NetGalley Review

‘This writer pushes all my buttons! The story is insane, bonkers, highly inventive, surreal, quirky … highly unusual and very likeable’ 5 Star NetGalley Review

‘Jonasson's novels never fail to bring a smile to my face. Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd was just the joy I was expecting and a fun adventure with Jonasson's latest unlikely characters’ 5 Star NetGalley Review

About the author

Jonas Jonasson was a journalist for the Expressen newspaper for many years. He became a media consultant and later on set up a company producing sports and events for Swedish television. He sold his company and moved abroad to work on his first novel. Jonasson now lives on the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

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