The Ivy Nash Thrillers Books 1-3: Redemption Thriller Series 7-9: Redemption Thriller Series Box Set (Unabridged‪)‬

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Shaped by her past, but not defined by it, Ivy Nash has been called "a true hero fighting for the voiceless."

Three riveting novels. One gritty woman who won't be denied.

In Defiance

Ivy won't look back. The past is gaining on her. Can she survive the coming fight? 

Ivy grew up in the system. She knows the pain the kids endure. She's their advocate. But not everyone appreciates her meddling. One troubled soul has her attention. He's accused of murder. She knows he’s hiding something. Everyone has secrets, even Ivy. She needs the truth. She needs answers. Why are the authorities trying to bury the case? In a world of corruption, abuse, drugs, and blurred lines, can Ivy get to the truth before past and present collide and destroy her life? You'll love this action-packed thrill ride, because everyone enjoys a plot twist.

In Pursuit

A man wants retribution. And he'll do anything to ensure Ivy suffers.

A serial killer terrorizes San Antonio. One point intersects the victims - Ivy herself. The hunt is on...but who's the one being pursued? At the same time, a runaway teen begs Ivy to find her missing parents. Is there some outside force behind their disappearance? The parallel investigations seem both clear and murky at the same time. Can Ivy tell the difference? Just as Ivy believes the end is near, past connections are slammed in her face. And nothing will be the same.

In Doubt

What does the face of evil look like?

Ivy has a calling. Protect those who can't protect themselves. An adorable little girl. A shamed woman stashed away in a mental institution. Even her friend. But what force can stop an egomaniac hell-bent on revenge? A monster returns. Lives are shattered. The suspicion of guilt shrouds everyone. With her world caving in around her, can Ivy ever stop looking over her shoulder?

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Crime & Thrillers
Julia Farmer
hr min
23 March
John W. Mefford