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The Rip Curl Story is the remarkable tale of two young surfers who pursued an audacious dream to make a living in pursuit of the ultimate ride. The brand they built, Rip Curl, not only satisfied their own surf- and wanderlust, but also inspired countless others, both fuelling and riding the wave of the global youth revolution of the late '60s.

Rip Curl's mantra became 'the Search' - the chasing of new waves on distant shores - as they embraced new thrills such as skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing and aimed always to make better equipment to elevate the experience. Along the way, they supported the careers of many of the world's great surfers: from Midget Farrelly and Nat Young to Michael Peterson, Tom Curren to Damien Hardman, Pam Burridge to Stephanie Gilmore, and of course Tyler Wright and the legendary Mick Fanning.

From the late-'60s era of peace, drugs and country soul to the birth of professionalism in the '70s; from the decadence and excess of the '80s to the new nomadic free-surfing trail of the '90s, and the bold new frontiers of surfing in the 2000s - wave pools, webcasts, Olympic acceptance - The Rip Curl Story explores both the evolution of a world-leading surf brand and an entire social revolution.

Bestselling surf writer Tim Baker tells this implausible story in an irresistible series of ripping yarns, offering rich life lessons, a maverick business primer and a wild ride of adventure, good times and outlandish ambitions spectacularly realised. The Rip Curl Story will make you want to surf more, travel further, follow through on that great business idea and pursue your own Search.

Sports & Outdoors
Jesse Lawrence
hr min
2 April
Penguin Random House Australia

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