The Signs of the Time Vol. 9 (Unabridged‪)‬

Chuck Missler and Others
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    • $19.99

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Another seven great chapters that reveal where we are in the last days.

Chapter One - One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism by Ken Ham. How science proves we all came from Adam...and its ramifications.
Chapter Two - 50 Reasons the Rapture's Close by Chuck Missler. Chuck takes you on an incredible journey through 50 Bible prophecy verses and how each is being or has been fulfilled.
Chapter Three - Why Arabs Hate America by Walid Shoebat. Walid got saved out of Muslim extremism - PTL! He explains the Mid-East problem from an Eastern perspective, why the Muslims want to kill us, and boy is it radically different that what you've heard before!
Chapter Four - False Teachers in the Last Days by Mike Gendron. Christians are warned to guard against false teachers at the end of the Church Age. Mike outlines the Biblical litmus tests and some examples of those who fail to pass muster. Yes, he names names and exposes many of the TV ministries using Scripture, not opinion!
Chapter Five - Lies in the Public School Textbooks by Kent Hovind. This eye-opening information is must-have for parents and teachers alike. You won't believe what is being taught every day in our public schools!
Chapter Six - Corruption of America's Freedom by Alan Keyes. A black former presidential candidate - Pulls no punches explaining the plight of Blacks in America.
Chapter Seven - Satanic Strategies Targeting your Church! by Ray Yungen. Ray is one heck of a researcher. With over 90 percent (some claim 99 percent) of the churches today embracing some form of "Emergent" or "Purpose Driven" philosophies, there's a good chance your church has too...or is being targeted. The "falling away" is moving full steam through the country and Ray shows how to recognize and stand against this Satanic tidal wave!

Religion & Spirituality
Ken Ham, Chuck Missler, Walid Shoebat, Mike Gendron, Kent Hovind, Ray Yungen
hr min
13 January
Compass International, Inc.

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