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A handsome young shepherd boy seems an unlikely choice for one who will one day become king of Israel. Yet, talented, wise, and brave, God’s chosen son David rises to be a worthy ruler, killing a giant, and dealing gently with a wayward king along the way. Follow his many adventures and strange path to fame in this, one of the best-loved among bible stories. 

This delightful retelling of the classic bible tale is told in the spirit of the countless storytellers who have enthralled audiences young and old throughout the centuries. 

This tale is one of the series, "Bible Stories Shorts," and is also available with the collected other stories as part of "Tales of Old, Stories from The Old Testament".  

Praise for "Tales of Old, Stories from The Old Testament":  

"The tales from the Old Testament are as familiar and comfortable as pot roast for Sunday dinner, yet these are new and fresh in lively retellings by Clive Johnson. Using great storytelling techniques and modern language, Johnson makes these tales nearly dance off the pages." (San Francisco Book Review)

"…Accessible, enlightening pieces that lend to read-aloud drama, bringing to life not just the tales but their underlying lessons. These stories don't just lend to read-aloud, but beg to be performed." (Midwest Book Review)

"A read-aloud compilation for children and adults...encouraging a revival of the oral tradition of storytelling." (BlueInk Review)

“…Embracing drama and adventure, but adding the moral, ethical, and spiritual flourishes necessary to open dialogues about the Bible's underlying lessons, making them far more than just a rehash of the originals." (Midwest Book Review)

"Using simple language and vivid imagery, including perspectives on each story’s meaning or lesson...illuminating the modern relevance of these ancient writings." (BlueInk Review)

"Christians who look for a better way of imparting these complex messages to a younger audience than is typical for these Old Testament stories will find Tales Of Old, Stories From the Old Testament just the ticket for family enjoyment." (Midwest Book Review)

Religion & Spirituality
Clive Johnson
hr min
30 March
Labyrinthe Press