100 Moments in the History of Mexico 100 Moments in the History of Mexico

100 Moments in the History of Mexico

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Our knowledge of Mexican history is primarily through the political and social events in recent centuries that have defined the country as we know it today. The Conquest, Independence, Reform, Revolution, and other fundamental events and periods frame modern Mexico and hold the keys to its future. History typically places the emphasis on feats of arms, political agendas, prominent business and civic leaders, social conflicts, and conceptual principles, but a closer examination of Mexico’s history shows that there is much more to the story, especially with regard to daily life, invention and creation, art and culture, entertainment, cuisine, and public works, monuments, and buildings.

100 Moments of the History of Mexico traces the expansive history of the country through key events ranging from the pre-Columbian era to the present. The earliest times of the Olmec settlers in Mesoamerica and the evolution of the cities of the gods spanning Zapotec, Aztec, Mayan, and many other peoples are marked by cultural and engineering inventions that reflected expansive spiritual and linguistic systems. The arrival of Spanish forces beginning in the sixteenth century and, later, other European and North American exploitation and profiteering at the hands of native peoples gave way to a resilience that led to difficult but successful fights for independence. Modern Mexico reflects a remarkable story of invention, creativity, and national pride. Lavishly illustrated, 100 Moments of the History of Mexico is a story that begins prior to 2500 BC and is still unfolding today, ripe for broader understanding, appreciation, and celebration. Viva Mexico!

22 October
Trinity University Press
Perseus Books, LLC

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