A Crimson Set of Silver

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Introducing; Jake Snow, a conveyor expert, pleasure pilot, and sometime musician, living on his airstrip-ranch in remote, Lake County, Florida. Jake is weary and cynical of the political greed associated with the corporate world, choosing to avoid the daily grind by only engaging in project consulting when certain customers seek his services. His love for flying overrides anything in his life including personal relationships, though he often finds the time to circle his musical friends together to jam at a local venue. Johnny Miller, a saxophone player is a long time associate and also his best friend.

During a morning flight one day, Jake discovers a pilot friend dead at the controls of his plane. He had been shot down, but lived long enough to land the plane in a swamp. Jake finds clues on the downed plane, including a vial of liquid which appears to be narcotic. The clues lead him to investigate the crime, uncovering another murder on the way.

Jake has a knack for figuring out how things work, and not just mechanical things. He has natural, special insight into the motivations of the mind, and uses this ability to unravel the mystery of his friend’s death. During a late night excursion back to the downed plane, Jake and another friend Danny, are confronted by the county Sheriff, who is seriously disturbed by their presence inside his caution taped, crime scene. Encounters with this Sheriff recur throughout the adventure, in good ways and bad, and Jake must find ways to gain his trust, so that information can be traded between them.

Jake and Johnny disguise themselves as prominent law enforcement officials to obtain the chemical compound of the narcotic. It’s a new designer drug with interesting characteristics and has a very high street value. Its manufacture is traced to Mexico, though it may have deeper South American origins.

A sometime acquaintance and lover from Jake’s past reenters and Jake finds it convenient to have her accompany him on the trips to locate those involved. They venture into the world of swingers, travel on a cruise to Mexico and finds themselves in the remote fields of the Bahamas, before the story culminates at a cowboy dude ranch outside of Lakes Wales, Florida.

Jake has numerous opinions about the workings of the world and how things have changed in his lifetime. He is a man of talent on multiple levels, who has not yet dropped out of society, but may be about to at the conclusion of this story. He is full of the wit it takes to cause the reader to laugh, or at least smile widely. Discover a man who has found his way in the world after the devastating loss of his mother and the disappearance of a father who never knew he had a son.

A Crimson Set of Silver takes you on a wild, non-stop, action adventure, using new technologies and old style common sense. Exploring the ways criminal minds use to toil their wares. The author paints a descriptive picture in every scene along the way.

Crime & Thrillers
23 October
Alan Meyers Starkey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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