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This is not a textbook. This booklet contains very little writing theory or explanation of rhetorical concepts. Instead, it is a step-by-step method for writing a five-paragraph paper from the assignment through the final proofreading. Using sentence formulas, paragraph templates, and detailed checklists, the writer will be able to plug in subject matter for their assigned papers and build a finished product that is organized correctly.

For writers who need to create a five-paragraph (2-3 page) paper, this booklet will guide them through the process of getting the words down on the page. It does not matter if that paper is meant to be informative or persuasive. Regardless of tone or style, this booklet can guide the writer through to a finished paper.

Table of Contents:
How to Use This Booklet
Step One: Understand Your Assignment
Step Two: The Working Outline
Step Three: The Thesis Statement
- The Importance of Tone
- Checklist: Eight Things That Can Change Your Grade
Step Four: The Introductory Paragraph
Step Five: Body Paragraphs
- Checklist: How to Test Paragraph Organization and Development
Step Six: The Conclusion Paragraph
Step Seven: The Final Check
- The First Layer: Revising Out Loud
- The Second Layer: Sentence Triage
- The Third Layer: “Find” Searches
- The Fourth Layer: The Fine Points

Here's what people are saying about this booklet.

"The method for turning a thesis statement into topic sentences was very useful and easy to apply."

"I thought proofreading meant you should read the paper and hope you spot the mistakes. Now I have a better way to do that, using the layered technique."

"I thought outlining was a waste of time and a headache. But the 'working outline' was actually very helpful and made me see that an outline isn't about roman numerals and indents."

3 February
Four-Ply Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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