A Strange and Wayward Smile

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Publisher Description

In this second adventure in the series, Jake and his best friend Johnny get persuaded to travel to Boca Raton, Florida, to investigate the disappearance of a student at Lynn University. The boys soon discover there is more amiss than the kidnapping of Linus Peres. Other students are reportedly becoming addicted to pain medication. During their incognito investigation, they find the administrators; local doctors who treat the injured students, hiding behind the medical Rule of Double Effect which protects them from prosecution.
But Jake smells something even more sinister and discovers strange notes and inferences in the journal of a prominent, female, Doctor of Osteopath, during an afterhour’s search of her office. This discovery leads him to find a way to get closer to the doctor, which may have been a big mistake.
A run-in with an over eager police officer sets the investigation back, but the boys get creative and learn that the kidnapped student is being held in the estate of Theresa Stanger, the mysterious, pain doctor who becomes the focus of Jake’s inquiry. Theresa Stanger is a very attractive woman. She is lean and tall and professionally attired. She has a commanding presence and an air of intelligence without being arrogant. Jake finds himself somewhat intimidated by her.
During an encounter at a social event held at the local country club, Jake peaks enough interest in the doctor’s mind to draw an invitation to her dinner party a few days later. What he doesn’t realize; the doctor is also playing him, drawing him into her spider web society, bent on changing the landscape of political power, in and around this part of south Florida. There is no dinner party and Jake is forced into bondage, to a world he never thought existed.
Meanwhile, Johnny finds himself behind the clanging steel of iron bars, accused of the nastiest of all crimes. Without the support of his best friend, Jake is left alone to deal with the sick, sadistic minds of Theresa Stanger and her cronies.

A Strange and Wayward Smile takes you into the old world of Voodoo, hypnotism, and mind melding, and harkens back to the experiments of one man thoughts to control society by creating a master race. Sleep with one eye open; Theresa Stanger may also be watching you.

Crime & Thrillers
23 October
Alan Meyers Starkey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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