Aftermath: Stories of Survival in Aotearoa New Zealand

Jacqui Greaves and Others
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    • $4.99

Publisher Description

Welcome to the End of the World

...and more importantly, what comes after.

Disasters have occurred around the country and the world, but we're "getting through it", as Kiwi are apt to do. She'll be right. Life moves on, in some form.

Things were bad here in Aotearoa, but in our isolation down under, we've escaped most of the chaos around the world. In fact, we might be the last bastion of humanity on the planet - anybody else home out there? Radio silence. Nada. Zip.

This is not, however, just an anthology of disaster stories. These pages are filled with hope in the form of short stories, poems, flash fiction and artwork about what comes afterwards. The contributions are exclusively from SpecFicNZ members and reflect the diversity and breadth of this country we love to call home... even if the edges are a bit torn and tattered. Nothing that a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and some number 8 wire can't fix, eh?

This is Aftermath: Stories of Survival in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Kia kaha. Stay strong.

And remember - we are always stronger together. Kotahitanga.

SpecFicNZ member contributions by Gary Nelson / Robinne Weiss / Jill Winfield / Hazel Bergen / Melanie Harding-Shaw / A. Zaykova /  Erica Challis / Jacqui Greaves / Nicky Taylor / Deryn Pittar / Bing Turkby / Barbara Uini / Melissa Gunn /  Trishia Hanifin / Jan Goldie / Miriam Hurst / Jennifer Rackham / Gary Venn / Paul Chapman / Scott Fack / Feby Idrus / Gregory Dally / C. D. Jacobs / Daniel Stride / Octavia Cade

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
21 April
Draft2Digital, LLC

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