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The Artemis was the first manned space mission to Saturn. But on a routine EVA, astronaut Julia Garcia is infected by a strange alien virus. Now her body is changing in wonderful ways, and she can't wait to share her new body parts with her sexy shipmates. Because Julia and the rest of the crew now have some very "Alien Desires!"

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"God, you're so beautiful," a voice murmured, almost in her ear, and she spun, her eyes widening.

Julia stood only a step away. She had gathered up a large dollop of liquid soap, and was lathering her newly-enlarged breasts, her movements slow and languid. Through the white suds, Alex could see the tense buds of her nipples. The effect was both lewd and incredibly arousing.

"I'm not," she said. "And I don't know why you keep saying it." Astronauts were chosen for skill, not attractiveness. And Alex was long past her own teenage years. Her face was pleasant, but not spectacular, and her body, as she passed into middle age, was downright dumpy. Three children had left stretch-marks on her stomach, and despite the joys of a low-gee life, her breasts were more than a bit saggy.

"You are." Julia's hands continued to knead her breasts. Her voice was low, throaty, as if she were in a dream. "I don't know why I never noticed before. You're all so beautiful."

Fever's probably increasing. She might be starting to hallucinate. Kumiko was undeniably attractive, with her skin like antique ivory and her petite physique. But neither the captain or Becky Moreau could be considered more than moderately attractive. And Alex herself was downright plain.

"All right," she said, trying not to let her worry show. "Let's get you washed up and back to medbay. I've got something I want to look at."

But instead, Julia gasped, her hands clutching her stomach. Suddenly strengthless, her legs gave way, and she fell to the floor, her back propped against one wall as the hot water sprayed down on her.

"Oh, God," she ground out, her eyes clenched shut. The muscles of her belly seemed to ripple. "Oh, God, that hurts." Her face was lined with pain.

"Julia!" Alex fell to her knees beside her, feeling her head. God, the woman was burning up!

Her thoughts were a frantic babble. Get out of the shower. Call for Becky and Kumiko. Notify the captain. Get Julia back into medbay. Test for appendicitis prep for surgery oh Jesus do we have enough anesthetic f**k I haven't done an appendectomy in eleven years-

Her thoughts sliced off, as quickly as if they had been cut by a knife.

Between Julia's thighs, some...some thing began to emerge from the folds of her groin. She stared, disbelieving, as a fleshy tube slowly slipped from between Julia's labia.

This can't be real. I have to be dreaming. My crewmate is growing a wang right in front of me.

To tell the truth, though, Julia's new...equipment...was subtly different from a normal human penis. As her moans slowly subsided, replaced by deep, regular breathing, Alex bent down, examining it closely. For one thing, it was completely hairless. The skin, a match for the rest of Julia's body, was soft and smooth as the skin of a newborn. For another, there was no scrotum. Whatever dark miracle had happened to Julia had left her without external testes.

On the top side of the organ was a soft ridge of flesh, which reminded her somewhat of the dorsal fin of a fish. It ran from the tip to the base, which was much wider than that of a typical man. So wide, in fact, that it completely covered the spot where Julia's labia had been.

"Wow." The voice sounded loopy, almost drunken. "That's a hell of a thing."

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25 April
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