All of You Fuck My Wife: Five Hot Wife G******g Shorts

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In this white-hot collection of hardcore g******g erotica, the husbands know how to share, and each little slut wife knows how to please. If you like to hear a man say, “Fuck my wife!” you’ll love the way these marriages work. There’s something for everyone. It can be sweet and fun or hard and rough, but the one thing each of these stories has is an abundance of cock, and every single hole gets filled with plenty of forced d********t, first anal sex, and double penetration!

1. HONEY, DO YOU MIND? A Slut Wife Gets Gang Banged

Winston never, ever loses at his weekly poker games, so Linda isn’t all that worried after she agrees to be a tournament prize, but a lucky hand suddenly puts her right in the center of seven horny men! Every one of them is hard and ready for action, and Linda will have to give up every hole to satisfy them, and that includes a reluctant first anal sex experience! With the forced d********t, rough sex, and double penetration to follow, Linda will learn all about the importance of paying her markers!

2. SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE: G******g Revenge on a Slut Wife

Michele is in real trouble. Her husband is watching a game with three of his friends and an envelope arrives with a very compromising and explicit picture of Michele’s lips wrapped around another man’s shaft. Her husband is understandably angry, and he’d not satisfied to handle the fight privately. Oh no, Michele will find herself on her knees, her back, and in many other positions as four men punish her infidelity with plenty of rough sex, forced deep throat, and rough double penetration!

3. WE WANT SOME OF THAT: An Outdoor Slut Wife G******g Short

Celia is happy her husband finally gets his two best friends over for a barbecue. Everyone has been so busy lately that it seems like the get togethers just don’t happen anymore. She didn’t expect that a chance problem with her dress would turn into an all-out wife g******g! It does, though, complete with hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and double penetration!

4. HEY CAN WE HAVE SOME, TOO? A Slut Wife G******g Short

What happens when a wife and a husband keep making bets with each other and the stakes keep getting higher? In this scorching hot short, a slut wife gets gangbanged! It’s plenty of cock for her when her husband decides to call in his marker, and she may never be the same after all the double team sex, the forced d********t, the forced semen swallowing, and the double penetration!

5. DAMN! YOUR WIFE IS HOT! A Rough and Reluctant Wife G******g Short

After years of planning, a husband and a wife finally take the plunge and hire a call girl to fulfill their mff threesome fantasy, but they picked the wrong prostitute! Right in the middle of their MFF ménage, the call girl’s boyfriend comes home with some of his friends, and he’s not happy to see his girl with her mouth on another man’s dick. The way he figures it, if someone can have his girlfriend’s mouth, than he and his friends can take the hot wife, and take means every single hole with plenty of rough wife g******g sex, forced deep throat, and double penetration!

Fiction & Literature
22 November
Naughty Daydreams Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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