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While many recognize and understand this underpinning of our national interests, they stand helpless to do anything about it. As individuals, our voices are lost in the wind; while our national leaders of good will and faith refuse to attack the treachery head-on. It’s a wait-and-see game to hope one day this treachery might eliminate itself. And, when a national leader stands up to protest the treachery from within, those who should offer support refuse to stand with that inspired person. The threat of the unknown is so potent it binds tongues of those who should speak in protest. That threat binds speech necessary to maintain the greatness of our nation.

As examples, two of the greatest threats against America, and Americanism, are the words ‘racist’ and ‘islamaphobe.’ Anyone who speaks in strong defense of private property and individualism is quickly proclaimed a racist by those determined to destroy those foundations that guided our nation to greatness - under God. This attack follows Obama’s proclamation when he became president, that he would ‘fundamentally’ change America. When he took office America thrived on its greatness. What did he intend to change other than destroy that greatness? His words and actions suggest that change he intended was toward Islam and toward Socialism; historically a pathway to destruction of progress and personal aspirations.

Destruction and total despair are often guided by higher aspirations; such as those espoused by Obama at the beginning of his administration. This was demonstrated by Vladimir Lenin as he guided the proletariat in their rise to power in Russia. In the Bolsheviks grab for total power, they guided the proletariat, the working class, into total despair far worse than the condition from which the Bolsheviks promised to lead them. For many, that despair and hardship soon became death at the hands of those promising greatness.

While the proletariat anticipated equity and advancement, the new leadership focused only on their new-found leadership; and death to those who disagreed or posed a threat to their plans. Millions of proletariat citizens worshiped Joseph Stalin (to them, Uncle Joe) not knowing he was the one giving the order to put a bullet through their heads. America gasps, as we watch in awe the anti-American conditions forced upon us by a determined and despotic government. Where are our true American leaders?

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10 January
Will Clark
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