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Five First Anal Sex XXX Erotica Stories

The Anal Sex Collection Volume Eight

First Anal Sex…whether it’s rough or sweet, painful or easy; it’s always sexy as hell, and Naughty Daydreams Press is pleased to present THE ANAL SEX COLLECTION, a series of anthologies exploring this incredible experience from every direction. Of course, the most important angle on the subject is forward and headed right for the backdoor!

In this volume, it’s g******g time! From rough and reluctant to eager participation, these gangbangs are about as exciting as possible, and if you’ve ever fantasized about taking on lots and lots of guys all at the same time, this collection is going to please!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first anal sex encounters. It includes rough first anal sex, group first anal sex, first anal sex with strangers, wife first anal sex, first anal sex with double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

1. THE BACKDOOR SEX CLUB (An Anal Sex Club erotica story) by Erika Hardwick

Clarissa is getting tired of hearing her friend Sally constantly describe her sexual conquests. There’s no way her friend is anywhere near as sex-crazed as she claims…is there? Surprised to discover that she’s getting a little self-conscious about it and even a bit sex-crazed herself, Clarissa decides to throw caution to the wind and visit The Circle Club, a black tie nightclub that, if the rumors are true, never stays formal for long. She’s ready to let her hair down and really show that she can shine as brightly as Sally, but has she gotten herself in too deep? One thing’s for certain, when she volunteers for some fun with three cute guys, she never thought they’d be ready to help out…by taking her untouched ass over and over! It’s a first anal sex extravaganza, and Clarissa is the main attraction!

2. BACKPACKING BABE BANGED (Rough First Anal Sex at an Orgy with Strangers) by Debbie Brownstone

It was on a highway in Iowa where Alex picked me up, and I was more than ready to have some fun with him. When he suggested we go to a party, I agreed. I had no idea the party was an all-out orgy. Before long, I was tangled up with everyone and taking on multiple people at the same time—both men and women. That wasn’t it, though. Right in the middle of it all, Alex decided to bend me over and give me my first anal sex experience, and boy was it rough!

3. LUSCIOUS ASS ON DISPLAY (A Rough Anal Sex in Public Erotica Story) by Jessica Crocker

She does her best to show off her perfect little heart-shaped ass, but Chris doesn’t seem to pay any attention to it at all. Worse, when Chris tells her he has news about her car, she can tell things are going to be bad. They certainly aren’t going to be what she expects, because Chris is going to teach Ainsley exactly what happens when a girl walks around with his luscious ass on display…rough anal g******g sex right where everyone can see!

4. THERE’S ONLY ONE HOLE WE WANT AND WE’RE ALL TAKING IT: A Rough Anal Sex G******g Short by Veronica Halstead

Completely restrained with a ball gag in her mouth that keeps her from saying no... Five men. That’s how many will have her never-been-touched a*****e. Of course, that won’t happen until after her body has already been tortured by a vicious spanking with a heavy paddle!

5. WE WANT SOME OF THAT (An Outdoor Slut Wife G******g Short) by Julie Bosso

Celia is happy her husband finally gets his two best friends over for a barbecue. Everyone has been so busy lately that it seems like the gatherings just don’t happen anymore. She didn’t expect that a chance problem with her dress would turn into an all-out wife g******g! It does, though, complete with hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and double penetration!

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13 September
Naughty Daydreams Press
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