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Midnight in an Amish cornfield. Pitch dark, no lights in sight. The moon and stars hidden by the thick clouds. The air filled with the scent of the promised rain. No sounds but the sound of the wind rushing through the tall corn stalks. The killer stood before the quaking woman. In the killers right hand, a razor sharp knife, waving in front of the woman's nose, the killer forced the woman to strip. The killer put a free hand on the now naked woman's shoulder; the knife in front of the woman's right eye and forced her to her knees on to the rich soil of the cornfield. The rising wind carried off the curses of the killer's screaming at the woman. The killer pressed the razor sharp tip of the knife against the woman's bare breast, causing a small dimple to appear in the woman's flesh. "You stole my lover from me," the killer shouted in the woman's ear. The woman shrieked as the killer plunged the knife into the woman's breast, the handle pressing deep into the woman's flesh. The woman screamed in agony as the knife sliced into the her. Mesmerized at the sight of her blood pouring out of her wound, the woman, looked down at her blood dripped from her body. The woman looked up at the killer in time to see the knife being driven into her body again, and again and again. The woman no longer screamed. Dead people don't scream. Blood lust overcame the crazed killer. The killer kept stabbing and screaming and cursing the dead woman. Exhausted by the energy of the frenzy, the killer grabbed a handful of the woman's hair and pulled her head back exposing her tender throat. The killer cruelly and deeply drew the sharp blade across the woman's throat. The woman's blood drained from her head. The killer pushed the woman's still kneeling body to the ground just as a loud and rolling clap of thunder that sounded like a thousand cannons firing all at once broke the silence of the cornfield. A brilliant lightening show filled the black sky. Dark again, the air grew bone chilling cold and the skies opened up and a torrential rain fell. The killer turned and walked calmly from the cornfield as the heavy rain washed the woman's blood and any traces of evidence into the earth of the cornfield; all except the naked and brutally murdered woman.
Who was the woman? Who killed her? And more importantly why was she murdered?

Crime & Thrillers
29 June
Tony Flye
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