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Beth And The Bachelor – Susan Mallery

Single mum Beth Davis's fairytale days are over…or so she thinks until she suddenly finds herself on a date with millionaire bachelor Todd Graham. He's smart, sexy and very eligible – everything a woman could want in a man. But Beth's a suburban mum, and approaching forty…she's not sure if she's Cinderella material.

Todd was supposed to be raising money for charity, not auctioning off his heart, but Beth's smile captures the Texas tycoon's attention, and suddenly life as a bachelor seems less exciting than it used to. Can these unlikely lovers find their courage – and the fairytale ending they deserve?

Her Bachelor Challenge – Cathy Gillen Thacker

Bridgett Owens's gigantic diamond winked at Chase Deveraux like a coy madam at an old–time bordello. The fun–loving playboy of Charleston, South Carolina, wasn't supposed to go gaga over the grown–up daughter of the family housekeeper. Except welling up in the bachelor's brain were protective, intimate feelings that he just couldn't – and didn't want to – discount. But can a man who's definitely not the marrying kind turn into a committed groom–to–be…especially when nothing but bad luck has burnished his romantic record?

The Bachelor Next Door – Katherine Garbera

Cass Gambrel groaned at the memory of Rafe Santini coming to the rescue. The infuriating man had freed her with a gleam in his eyes that said, 'I'm interested…but not in commitment'. Well, Cass sure didn't need a man like that!

Rafe knew women just weren't happy until every man in town was wearing a wedding ring! But he had no intention of getting caught in that trap. Still, something about Cass had this bachelor losing sleep and wondering if it was time to end his wandering ways…

1 June
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Publisher Australia Pty Limited

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