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Bi Awakenings: Bisexual Erotica (Bisexual Fantasies - Volume 1) Elise has recently found herself struggling to contain her newfound bisexual desires. Her open-minded husband is more than aware of his wife's desires, as well as her conflict in expressing and taking the first step in trying to fulfill her newfound bisexual desires, yet he is fully supportive of her doing so. Elise also has a best friend Cassie, who is openly bisexual, and Elise's growing desires makes her need to hear all the details of her friends bisexual exploits even stronger.

At the end of the day, Elise discovers that suppressed desires can only stay suppressed for so long.

(book excerpt)

Cassie arrived about an hour after they got back from the grocery store. “Elise, girlfriend, I hope you got a pot of coffee on.” She said as she entered the house through the back kitchen door. “I am tired and am in need of a little caffeine boost.”

“Tired? Why are you tired? It’s Saturday.”

“I had a late night, getting a little wild and crazy. I went to bed around 3 a.m. and then I had to get up early to do my laundry and run a bunch of errands. That’s what I was doing when you called.”

“Who were your getting wild and crazy with last night, anyone I know?” Elise pretended to be nonchalant and just making conversation, but she really wanted to know the sordid details of Cassie’s evening. Cassie often shared her sexual exploits with Elise about her female companions, and Elise’s blossoming desire to be intimate with another woman only grew her interest in Cassie’s dating escapades.

Cassie looked at Elise with raised eyebrows, knowing that something was definitely happening to her best friend. She paused to study her for a minute before replying. “No, you don’t know her, but she is definitely an adventuress. She wasn’t shy at all and she made sure that I was immensely pleasured; of course, I kindly returned the favor.” Cassie winked, knowing that she was being deliberately ambiguous about the details, but she wanted to see what direction Elise was going to take the conversation to see if her suspicions were right.

“Well, that’s boring. Give me some particulars. Tell me, what did she do that made her an “adventuress”?” Elise prodded, as she chopped up some vegetables for a salad.

Cassie took a long sip from her cup of coffee before continuing. “Well, let’s just say that she definitely knows how to navigate a woman’s body and she took her time exploring."...................

If you enjoy kinky sex, and if you enjoy the fetish lifestyle, be sure to watch for more releases from Fetish Publishing and official website to launch fall of 2014.

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3 September
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