Big Top G******g (M+/m g******g‪)‬

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Carl Gruntie, traffic cop, had always loved the circus. When he stops a late-night speeder with a curly mustache and ties to the big-top, he sees an opportunity to live out a childhood dream. He works out a deal with Adolfo, the ringmaster of a traveling circus: a tour in exchange for a warning instead of a huge traffic ticket. Adolfo, ever the showman, gives Carl Gruntie a show he won't forget! WARNING: This 4200 word explicit short story features a curly mustache, a clown g******g, calliope music, acrobatic sex, explicit oral and anal sex, double oral, double anal, and even a guest star foreign object penetration as an encore! On with the show! Excerpt: “And that’s about it,” Adolfo said, leading Gruntie back to the big top to end the tour. “The whole circus always works, but just barely. We’re a second from disaster all the time.” He chuckled a little and the officer laughed with him. In the past hour, they had become fast friends, the ringmaster and the patrolman. The two of them even started to hold hands partway through the exhibition. At first, Gruntie found this to be very strange, but he reasoned that Adolfo was European, and that was just how he showed friendship. That’s what he told himself anyway. “Well Officer Gruntie, I’m a little sad it’s over, you know? I kind of wish there was something more I could do to make sure you enjoyed your trip to the circus.” Already gone this far, Gruntie thought, may as well go all the way. “Well, there is one thing,” he said, moving closer to Adolfo. “It’s been awhile since I had a man. Help me out?” Adolfo grinned. “Just one? Are you sure you wouldn’t like something a little... spicier?” Without a word, Gruntie closed the short distance between them and put his arms around Adolfo’s fit, trim waist. He kissed the ringleader and suppressed a giggle at the tickle of the man’s mustache. Adolfo met Gruntie’s kiss with his own, parted his lips and slipped the tip of his tongue into his new friend’s mouth. “You know, some spice does sound pretty good. But only if you promise we can have some time ourselves before you guys pack up.” “Oh, I think that can be arranged,” Adolfo trailed off his words into a crooked grin, “give me one second. We’ll make this special for you.” He walked out into the night air and shouted in a language Officer Gruntie didn’t understand. It was a strange combination of English, French and carny dialect. For being so late at night, there was quite a bit of activity around the camp. Gruntie heard some grumbling outside the tent, and the slamming of a car door. “I’ll get you ready for the guys,” Adolfo said, returning to the big top, “You’re going to love this.”

Fiction & Literature
13 April
Francis Ashe
Draft2Digital, LLC

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