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From the Publisher that brought you popular adult short story series Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, January Morrison Psychic Files, Ralph's Gift, and Friend Zone and now, here is our two stories in 1 book!

Sandra Ross's Erotic Romance Vampire Stories Collection

In the Blood Part 1: The Vampire & The Nightwalker

From the Rooftops of New Orleans – A Town of Psychics, Voodoo and Bloodlust... Secret Lavalle senses a paranormal presence.

For Secret Lavalle, one of the best psychics in New Orleans, the travails of romance and crime are read daily in the palms of the unwitting who walk through the doors of her home. But these days, her mind is proving more mystifying than any other. She senses someone close by. Who is he, and why is he following her? Secret feels his presence. Will he be her protector? Or is he after something more in the blood?

She hasn’t been with a man in ages, and a stranger who introduces himself as Kane Broussard incites intrigue, fear, and a touch of excitement in Secret. But who exactly is Kane—a potential friend and lover, or an evil being out for her blood?

Meanwhile, from the rooftops of New Orleans – a town of psychics, voodoo, and bloodlust – Kane Broussard descends to confront the Blood Drinker. Just a young boy, the serial killer has an unknowing thirst. Kane offers the youth guidance, initiating him into his true identity. Is Kane, however, putting himself at risk?

A Halloween Awakening Part 1: The Awakening Revisited

To be awakened is to remember... forever. Can a passion from centuries past find its home in the present?

His golden eyes mesmerize... how could a stranger like Lucien invoke so much desire in her?

Chandler is a beautiful woman who was staid, sensible, and in control--before she met hypnotically stunning and incredibly magnetic Lucien. She's just recovered from a break-up, so that could be the reason why she ignites into a blazing inferno when his hands touch her skin. His kisses brand her, and every time she refuses him, it leaves her painfully frustrated. How can this happen? Is it even real?

And someone's watching her... she feels it. She is sure of it. But who? And what about her incredible dreams about a faceless man she feels passionate love for but cannot remember? Things are happening to Chandler that she can't explain. And in Lucien's arms, she is fast becoming someone she doesn't know.

Or someone she can't remember? It is as if she is being awakened from the slumber of a powerful curse. It is as if he is making her remember.

Can she dare believe?

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6 January
Sandra Ross
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