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Blood Educated: Vampire Erotica (Vampire Fantasies - Volume 4) Sharp tongued Professor Collins has all of his not-so-bright female students smitten with his gorgeous looks, his liberated female students disgusted with his demeanor, and all of his male students desiring to emulate him. His allure keeps his classrooms full, despite his caustic teaching methods, and one particular student of his falls victim to her own circumstance, which then suddenly and quite surprisingly alters the remainder of the school semester, and her life, forever.

(book excerpt)

“Well….” I began, while playfully scanning the room with my eyes, checking for imaginary eavesdroppers. I scooted over closer to Professor Collins and whispered in his ear, “Some people even suggest that you’re a vampire.”

“I guess sometimes those rumors turn out to be true.” He said while bringing his mouth close to my neck, and placing a hand on my inner thigh. My body began tingling wildly and I felt dizzy with raw primal attraction. An hour ago, I could have spent hours raging on about how much I despised this man, and now my breasts suddenly ached for his touch. His lips brushed against my neck, and I held my breath in anticipation for a playful love bite. It finally came, and it was a little sharper than I expected.

“Oh, ouch,” I said with a laugh. He pulled away from me and grinned, revealing large sharp teeth were his incisors had been. My brain finally taking in the reality of the situation as my body sat paralyzed for several seconds with fear. When the paralysis wore off, I jumped up and tried to make my move towards the door. But, before I could get there, Professor Collins had prevented my escape with inhuman speed. He pushed me up against a bookshelf, and pinned my wrists against the shelves above my head. “Don’t be afraid, Adele,” he practically growled. He repositioned my hands so that now he could restrain me using only one hand. His free hand he placed on my waist. Once more he moved his mouth in the direction of my neck. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing myself for a fatal bite. Rather than sharp pain however, I felt a few frisky bites, right in a row. Then he began to suck and kiss the tender, sensitive skin along my throat. My fear quickly melted into pleasure, and soon, little moans of ecstasy were escaping past my lips, out of my control.

If you enjoy kinky sex, and if you enjoy the fetish lifestyle, be sure to watch for more releases from Fetish Publishing and official website to launch fall of 2014.

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24 August
Fetish Publishing
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