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It is the year 2121, and in the state of Brextopia (the country formerly known as England), men are proud and dominant, while women know their place. Either they consent to serve their husbands as dutiful and submissive wives, wearing wedding rings in their noses, or else they earn money for the state by satisfying the sexual needs of both locals and rich foreign tourists, on whom the economy largely depends. Almost any BDSM practice is permitted as long as the proper license has been purchased.

Disgraced young divorcee Penny Adams faces years of such compulsory national sexual service, when sinister Inspector Flack of the Ministry of National Security offers her an alternative. Brextopia is surrounded by unfriendly nations: the Celtic Alliance lands to the north and west, and the EuroFed countries to the south and east, who are envious of its success and preach an alternate history of the last century and dangerous ideas about equality and human rights. If Penny submits to him totally and accepts training and certain medical adjustments to her body, she can become his naked spy catcher hunting down foreign enemies of the state. Penny consents to the deal, but will her patriotic pride sustain her through a series of intense sexual encounters that Flack arranges?

She models for a private bondage photography club; has sex with a pretty lesbian nurse; endures the intimate attentions of an old war veteran; plays the part of a naked victim in a castle dungeon; entertains a party of inebriated football fans in a hired train; becomes a plaything in an exclusive gentleman’s club; has a role in the historical re-enactment of a medieval sex raid, is put on display as a decoration of living flesh in a patriotic parade; offers naked sex in a retro London taxi carriage, and becomes the star prize in a church auction. But who is the spy amongst all the men she meets? The only way to find out is for Penny to have sex with all of them, and soon her endurance is tested to its limits.

But is not spreading her legs for the good of her country every loyal Brextopian woman’s duty? Are not the intense orgasms generated by Penny’s sexually sensitised and augmented body reward enough? Surely living in a state of happy submission is the most perfect life a woman can know. She has consented to all this and should be grateful to Flack for saving her from the shame of her divorce. Or is there some truth in the lies that the enemies of Brextopia tell?

Fiction & Literature
26 March
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