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CANDID LOVE is Book 2 in the new Alexandra’s Love & Romance Series, by Denise Daniella Darcy, or Triple D as she is affectionately called. This follows her successful 1st series, Samantha’s Love and Romance Series.
Alexandra (Alex): In Hawaii on assignment, she falls for a beautiful, strong and fascinating local. But things get complicated when she also falls for her older boss. Can she handle both, or either one, without burning up in flames?
Nico: Gorgeous, tanned, dark haired, brown-eyed island boy who has all the moves. Will his island charm, bulging muscles and tribal tattoos get him the mainland girl?
George Carlyle: The boss, confident, suave, powerful, and rich. With his old world charisma and natural magnetism can he seduce Alex long enough for her to forget about Nico?
Captivated by 2 handsome men, can Alex survive the emotional anxiety and tension to find true love or will her inexperience and self-doubt leave her hurt and alone?
“You are going to love this book. I enjoyed reading it because of the characters and how they interact with each other. It feels real. It's an easy, short read and has some steamy scenes in it. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to sit down to and not get back up until it's done.” – Tiffany LeBlanc
“I loved this book. Honestly the whole series is a great read. This book was hard for me to put down just like all the others in the series. DDD is a wonderful writer and I look forward to every book she writes.” – Yvette Gynderfield
“Enjoyed this one and Love the series!!” – Martha Sheringham
“I am hooked on this series of love and romance. Denise Daniella Darcy has a talent for writing stories that allow the reader to tune out the world for a while and follow Alex (or Samantha in the first series) as she meets her different love interests. Believable, enjoyable and you get the feeling that you are right there with Alex feeling everything she does.
“Readers will be turning the pages to see what happens next to Alex. And I love the extra alternate ending that DDD wrote for each story. That is just a great bonus.” – Vicky Black
“Another thing I really like about this series is the length. The stories are shorter and that allows me to read them when I have time, in an evening, after work, or on the weekend. I am not a fan of the big volumes that take forever to get through. These stories have all that the long ones do, good characters, a great storyline, interesting dialogue, they just don’t have that heaviness attached to them. For me they are the perfect length.
“And while I am mentioning what I like about this series, I have to say that the alternate endings that DDD writes is a novel (pun intended!) and creative way to keep the reader guessing. Even if you think you know what is going to happen, with the alternate ending, it is always a surprise.
“Great writing, great stories, great characters. I am definitely a big fan.” – Judy St. Pierre
Like multiple endings? ‘Triple D’ has a SPECIAL TREAT for her readers. Each story in this series has an additional totally unique and different ending that dramatically changes the outcome. And the best part- it is absolutely FREE for her readers.
Triple D writes stimulating contemporary romances with passion, humor and a down to earth feel that resonates with her readers. Written for readers of young adult, new adult, and teen romance. She writes with a similar style to Catherine Bybee, Debbie Macomber and Melody Anne.
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Young Adults
13 November
Durango Publishing Corp.
Smashwords, Inc.

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