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Are you terrified of feeling like you’re not good enough? Self-conscious and anxious from harsh judgment?

Don't simply hope for the best - guarantee it. Learn how to operate at the top 1% of your abilities and embody a Champion Mindset to overcome your obstacles – every time. Champion Mindset will show you how to perpetually feel in control and “in the zone”.

Destroy your internal and external barriers to success.

They are the same tactics that have driven me to:
•Become a bestselling author in multiple countries.
•Become a sought-after social skills coach and advisor on corporate culture.
•Practice law full-time while juggling 3 side jobs that would eventually become my new career.

Correction: those tactics made those accomplishments inevitable. And that’s what they can do for you. From becoming a superstar at work to greater happiness, to less stress and anxiety -- hitting your growth potential will take your life to the next level.

Put your goals into reach in record time.

•Why your weaknesses are more important than your strengths.
•How becoming emotion-oriented will motivate you like nothing else.
•How Britain’s cycling team and marginal gains can help you.

Subtle shifts to maximize your potential.

•The importance of secondary 20% skills.
•How to avoid being driven by pride and ego.
•What your disempowering narrative is and how to reverse it.

Never settle for "good enough" again.

Your Champion Mindset is the difference between reaching for a promotion… and knowing you have it in the bag. The difference between calm confidence in a job well done… and frantic last-minute flailing. The difference between a reliable and noteworthy reputation… and being known as adequate at best.

Body, Mind & Spirit
9 April
Patrick King
Smashwords, Inc.

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