Chocolate Busters

The Easy Way to Kick It!

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Publisher Description

Break free from your chocolate addiction with Jason Vale’s irreverent, zany and original new book. Jason, aka The JuiceMaster, reveals the dangers of chocolate’s ingredients (sugar, dairy and additives), the marketing industry’s ploys to keep us all hooked and our emotional attachment to the sweet stuff- and shows you how to kick the habit.

Jason Vale offers his own take on the SugarBusters and anti-dairy phenomenon, taking a pop at the food and marketing industries and showing you how to free yourself from the mental food trap by reframing your thoughts.

Sugar is the cocaine of the food world, responsible for obesity, diabetes and a host of other problems. Dairy is equally bad for us and is an acid-forming food. Many people’s stomachs aren’t suited to break the lactose down properly and so it affects our ability to digest the nutrients from other food.

This book also examines the ways in which the advertising agencies seduce us and keep us hooked, as well as examining the emotional attachments we have to chocolate, created from early childhood: ‘the chocolate nanny’ as Jason puts it.

Jason’s lively debate, full of amazing information that makes your hair stand on end, is enough to put anyone off chocolate. He looks at how we’ve been hooked – and the ‘con’ that is confectionery.


‘I feel in control of my life for the first time since the age of 10 when my chocoholic days began. 16 years of habit have been modified without pain or effort, just a little education, in just the one day it took me to digest this book.

I now recommend it to patients who I nurse who complain of chocolate being their downfall, and most of my friends have borrowed the book. I feel empowered and I can’t help but spread the word.’ Barbara Dugen, a reader

About the author

Jason Vale, the Juice Master, is a successful health and lifestyle coach. A former trainer for Alan Carr in Birmingham, he launched his London clinic and countrywide workshops two years ago. His seminars on losing weight and quitting drinking and smoking are consistently sold out. He has appeared on Trisha and ITV’s This Morning, has several spreads in the Daily Mail and been reviewed by the Sunday Times. He is a key presenter at the Vitality Show. He has a Juice Master juicer on sale, produced by Moulinex.

Body, Mind & Spirit
25 July
HarperCollins Publisher Australia Pty Limited

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