Connect Like You Did When You First Met: 101 Proven Questions for Couples

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Here's A Quick Way To Get The Conversations Started Again Questions.

But not the normal "How was your day?" questions. Or "What time do I pick the kids up?"

Real Questions That Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Imagine learning something new about your spouse. Imagine connecting on a deeper level than ever before. Impossible, you might think… but we assure you it isn't. With the right questions, you can deepen your connection and intimacy in just a few minutes.

Do We Know This Is Possible?

Long before we became marriage coaches… we struggled to connect and communicate as well. We had to learn the importance of asking questions and maintaining a healthy dialogue in our marriage.

Since then we've actually developed a list of questions that we use on a regular basis. Plus we've shared these with thousands of clients around the world.

Is Your Marriage Ready For This?

How would you like to…
Have fun, deep and meaningful conversations so you can connect with you spouse again?Openly discuss sex and intimacy that lights a fire in the bedroom?Handle difficult financial discussions so that you can build a successful future together?All that and more is waiting with just the right questions.
Just Try It For Yourself

Here's your chance to get… Connect Like You Did When You First Met: 101 Proven Questions For Couples

You'll cover all the main subjects and issues including…
The general state of your marriageFinancial issues, retirement planning, savings, jobs and other fiscal hot buttonsSex, fantasies, intimacy and everything elseSpiritual and/or religious mattersFriends and extended family mattersSocializing and entertainingDreams, aspirations and other desires
Plus our Random Fire Questions section… just ask a question and see where it takes you.
</p><p>With all this… you'll never run out of conversation again. We look forward to bringing more intimacy and connection to your marriage.

15 April
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