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This collection includes 3 powerful essays and a poem from David Olimpio, second featured author from Awst Press. They explore childhood, friendship, abuse, grief, and addiction. The reader will immediately recognize neighborhood life in the innocent games boys play before being waylaid by the perils lurking behind the doors.

“David Olimpio’s writing ought to come in vinyl. There’s sizzle and pop to every line, and enough rhythm to dance to. But while you’re busy dancing, Olimpio sneaks in the heavy stuff to lay you out flat.”
— Eric Shonkwiler, author of Above All Men

“Writing from the intersection of memory and meaning, David Olimpio steers you into narratives full of reckoning—and they’re never what you were expecting. As he journeys his way through life’s complexities, he takes up the challenge of translating past pains into illuminating words on a page. And he wins every time. His prose stretches far beyond figuring out the past with a pen—rather, it reaches out, grabs your hand and once you’re in his world, you’ll never want to leave.”
— Chelsey Clammer, Essays Editor of The Nervous Breakdown and author of BodyHome

“David Olimpio is the most present writer I know, an accidental soul man using his words and pictures to map the intersection of frustration and joy. His immediacy leaves no room for cynicism or other protections, so it is appropriate that the body of work, so far, is ambitious and vagabond, including memoir, fiction, photography, poetry, and social media. He may write devastating pieces on addiction or child abuse that leave you shaking, or he may show you a captioned photograph of his dog that, as it breaks the boundaries of meme, perfectly captures an existential conclusion, otherwise inexpressible. (You’ll have to look at his photography blog to see what I mean). In the end I think what’s clear is that David teaches us a very good thing: that every opportunity for communication is an opportunity to be artful. ”
— Laura Ellen Scott, author of the novels Death Wishing (Ig Publishing, 2011) and The Juliet (forthcoming, Pandamoon Publishing, 2015)

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17 March
Awst Press
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