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There is a certain progression of things every new trader must learn before going into the live market and working with real money. Day Trading Forex using Supply and Demand tells you what to learn first and foremost as a beginner so you can be successful and start making money right away. This book as an introduction for brand new Forex investors and swing traders who have zero or very limited knowledge about what to do or what to study to get started in trading in the currency markets. Day Trading Forex using Supply and Demand is specifically written for brand new traders to give them the very first basic knowledge they need to get started so they don’t have to do a lot of searching around and perhaps waste a lot of time and money.

Day Trading Forex using Supply and Demand gives you clear concise information it would take you years to find out on your own before you could begin to have any chance at making a real income from the live markets. The live markets are not for the weak minded or untrained and should you decide to go in there unprepared or under prepared as a beginner retail trader only one thing will happen, you’ll get FUBAR. Don’t be that trader!

I encourage all brand new investors and Forex traders who are just starting out to read this entire book before investing any of your hard earned money on any trading courses. Much of what you need to know is available to you online at no charge if you know where to look for the information, use the clickable links in the book to further your knowledge and build an edge against the competition.

When you are done reading Day Trading Forex using Supply and Demand you will know what the most important things to know are when you are first starting out. I tell you what to study and where to go to get more information to help you start making money fast. Studying the right information from the start can help cut down the huge learning curve there is in the spot currency and currency futures trading business. Day Trading Forex using Supply and Demand can help you with that if you have zero knowledge or experience.

Business & Personal Finance
8 November
J.R. Zordi
Draft2Digital, LLC

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