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To be successful in today’s live markets is a daunting task however it can be done. As a beginning retail trader you need to learn how to have your head in the game and be prepared to work in a very harsh environment against the best market participants in the world. The live market is not a place for the weak minded. You need to be on point and at the top of your game to work in the live market.

Learning the right information needed to get started is one of the most critical steps to be a successful market participant over the long term. No one wants to study a lot of information only to find out sometime later that all they needed to know was right there on the chart to begin with. This book will help get you on the fast track and help cut down your long learning curve.

It all starts with you. It also ends there if you’re not diligent in what you do. You are the one who is making the decision to get into the trading and investing business. No one is making you do it.

The more of questions you have answered before you begin to do anything in this business the better prepared you will be to become successful. There are no guarantees in the market. It is all about mental preparedness and you are the only one making you do this business so I encourage you to listen to the advice given in this book very carefully.

Business & Personal Finance
16 May
Josef Moni
Draft2Digital, LLC

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