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Day Trading is for Dopes is for beginner self-directed retail traders who are aspiring to become a day trader. Detailed in Day Trading is for Dopes are specifics of the things that a brand new self-directed trader must learn not to do before they can become consistently profitable in the live markets. Day Trading is for Dopes talks about some of the harsh realities of a beginner attempting to day trade in the live market.

Who knows, you might be scared stiff by the time you’ve finished reading Day Trading is for Dopes, no harm in that because you need to learn this business right the first time from the first day if you want to become wealthy from trading.

Just because you are smart or have an MBA from Harvard or Columbia business school does not mean you will be able to be successful in the live financial markets it just means you paid a lot of money for a good education from a good school. Everyone in this business has to start with the basics and progress up through the various levels of proficiency to be a money maker and be consistently profitable from trading especially beginners.

If you are thinking about becoming a day trader this should be the first book you buy in order to gain some perspective of what it is really like to do this business intraday. There are some very bad people in the live markets and they are looking for you. Make Day Trading is for Dopes the first book you buy about day trading instead of the tenth, you will have done yourself and your trading account a huge favor and also start to expedite your learning curve from the information contained in Day Trading is for Dopes.

Business & Personal Finance
7 October
Richard Rond
Draft2Digital, LLC

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