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Deadly Double, An Adaline and Genevieve Adventure, is a finely crafted, multifaceted and intertwined mystery dropped into our Victorian detective sisters, Adaline and Genevieve Halverson's lap.
An unidentified man who happens to resemble his target fires a shot killing another man while as the victim is playing cards. No one knows who the killer is and no one knows the relationship between the killer and his victim.
A young lord of the realm is arrested for the murder and thrown into Newgate Prison, the worst prison in all of England. He claims he is innocent
A Lord of the realm, is accused of fathering a child with the promiscuous daughter of a prominent businessman. He could've fathered the child, but he didn't.
A lie told to a distraught, overly protective father sets a killer in motion.
A young unloved wife who wants a favorable divorce from her philandering businessman husband, in a time when divorces always favored the husband. Unbeknown to his wife, her husband sometimes buys goods for resale without proper provenances.
A young lady of the realm is shot and wounded in front of her own house by an unknown assailant and for no apparent reason.
Soon after, a young, energetic lord of the realm, with his entire future before him, is shot in front of a credible witness and seriously wounded. He lay close to death.
A dogged, twenty-seven year veteran Scotland Yard detective, is given a small, but vital bit of information from one of our intrepid lady detectives. Information which gave him a direction to investigate.
An army of Scotland Yard constables with the detective in charge swarm over the Thames River docks like rats deserting a sinking ship looking for something. They don't know exactly what it is they're looking for, but they will know it when they find it
Victorian lady detectives, Adaline and Genevieve are hired at the behest of his Lady mother to prove the young lord innocent and find the real .
How will each of these unique and very different people resolve their individual problems? How will the resolution of these individual problems give our lady detectives the resolution of the murder. If they fail to prove the young lord's innocence, he may hang.

Crime & Thrillers
4 August
Tony Flye
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