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This is a book about science, religion, and being, yours and mine. The study of being is called Ontology. Our culture is dominated by a naturalist ontology. The question is: does ontology include a supernatural component? Or, is that idea a relic of our primeval past, sort of like appendix and adenoids, parts that can be excised from the body of our belief system? The author argues for the primacy of the transcendent (supernatural) ontology by means of two books: the book of nature, and the book of transcendency (the Bible), each containing its own portion of the evidence. Mr. Carlson argues for the following:
The universe represents a small portion of Gods ontology, a small reality devoted to redemption. The signet of redemption is the number 7; its appearance within chronology is deliberate, instructive, and compelling.
The Creation Week account reflects a two-fold metaphor: (1) space-time itself was created to support the redemptive act, and (2) mankinds history will unfold in a series of seven ages, later quantified as millennia.
The interval between Adam and Abraham literally filled one redemptive bi-millennium, but the catastrophic effects of 3 realities, the Cainite civilization, Noah, and the break-up of Pangaea, contribute to the appearance of myth as viewed by the uniformitarian geologist for whom catastrophes appear invisible. The 2nd bi-millennium, Abraham-
to-Messiah, was also fulfilled exactly in redemptive time. The termination of our age is imminent and dependent upon the chronology of Israel,
mankinds chronograph.
A detailed chronology of the history of Israel is flavored with the redemptive signet, especially 70 yrs or 70 heptads of yrs. By decoding Israels history in redemptive time and employing the single concept of the favor of God, the author derives a Biblical-based proof that modern Israel is the same and identical state founded by Samuel in 1096 BC. Three independent proofs of this foundational date are provided. These proofs show that the Monarchy existed for exactly 511 yrs, which period is exactly equal to 73 heptads: Israel is an heptadic state.
The author concludes that the redemptive corollary to Israels ontology is also proven: we have actually entered the end-times and the events associated with the last days will soon unfold.
Because the reality of Israel is visible to all, it is apparent that the redemptive offer made to mankind is also real and visible, such as that appearing in John 3:16, John 6:40, and Romans 10:9-13. There is much to learn about our world. Start now. Tomorrow may be too late!

Religion & Spirituality
November 8
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