Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Master Your Emotional Intelligence with DBT, Control Borderline Personality Disorder and Overcome Depression, Anger and Panic Attacks

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Don't Let Your Emotions Govern You! Master Your Emotional Intelligence, Overcome Anger, Depression, And Panic Attacks

Do you have problems with depression? Did you know that developing good habits is crucial for battling depression? DBT will teach you how to recognize your positive attributes and strengths, develop and use them to build good habits.

Do you have trouble coping with panic attacks? DBT will show you coping exercises on how to prevent panic attacks in the first place. You will build mental barriers that will help you protect yourself from panic triggers.

Are you angry all the time? Do you snap easily? DBT will help you develop mental tolerance, and teach you how to prepare in advance for any intense emotion that can cause you distress.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The main goal of DBT is to teach people how to live in the moment, how to develop mindfulness and build the willpower. With DBT you will learn how to cope healthily with stress, keep your emotions in check, and improve relationships with others.

Here's what will you find in this book:
Self-empowerment: Recognize your strengths and use them. Detect your flaws and destructive behavior, and replace them with good habits.It's all in your mind: Learn to recognize ineffective and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and develop mental skills to effectively remove them from your head.Become master of your emotions: Learn the skill of mindfulness, improve your willpower, and stop letting your emotions govern you, take control in your hands.The key to success is in structure: DBT will show you how to find the best tempo to succeed in changing yourself. Discover the right path for you, and never falter again.
Are you ready to take the full control of your mind? Are you ready to live a happy and full life? Do you want to always be one step ahead of incoming obstacles? This book is made for you!

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Body, Mind & Spirit
25 June
Leona S. Murray
Draft2Digital, LLC

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