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You’re curled up on the sofa, reading happily as you bask in the late morning sunshine.

 The door to the drawing room opens, and in walks the family butler, James. He carries silver tray, bearing a large sealed envelope.

“An invitation from Downton Abbey M’Lady”

He sets the tray down on the table and you immediately recognize the Grantham seal.

An invitation to dine with the Crawleys.

Your heart is racing, but you don’t let your excitement show; you’re much too refined for that!

“Thank you, James. That will be all.”

The moment he leaves the room, you tear the envelope open.

 The card is dated 13th July 1924. Dinner is at 8PM, naturally, and there’s no way you won’t be there. You knew you were going before you even read the details!

You’re eager to see for yourself if all the stories you have heard about the grandeur of Downton life are true!

You close your book and hurriedly write a reply. The rest of the day is to be spent on preparation!

What should you wear? Should you get your hair done?

 What will they be talking about at dinner? What if the conversation comes round to something you nothing about?!

And what about table etiquette?

For a moment you’re consumed with anxiety… But then you laugh to yourself as you pick back up the book you’ve been reading…

Could it really be coincidence that you’re holding the newest book in the Downton Life Series, by bestselling author Elizabeth Fellows?

With “Dining at Downton: Traditions of the Table From The Unofficial Guide to Downton Abbey” at your disposal, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

In this book you will learn:
The Etiquette of the Downton era, so that you can truly dine with class!The High Fashion of the Crawleys and their ilkThe Fascinating History of the 1920’s Downton foodThe important Social Aspects of Dining – Business, Politics, and Manoeuvring Through the Changing of TimesMouth-watering recipes like Potato Blinis with Red Cavier, Russian Borscht, Palestine Soup, Trout with Almonds, and so many more!Hearty vegetable dishes like Polish Red Cabbage and Asparagus Moulds!Sweet and Savoury side dishes such as Redcurrant Jelly, Horseradish Sauce, Cherry Compôte…Desserts straight out of your Dreams! (Summer Pudding, Strawberry Soufflé…)An assortment of High Class Cocktails! (Hedgerow Hangover, anyone?)And so much more!
Whether you’ve really got an invitation to The Abbey, or just want to bring the lavish experience of a Crawley dinner into your own home, this book is your indispensable guide to dining in Downton style!

Scroll up and get your copy of “Dining at Downton: Traditions of the Table From The Unofficial Guide to Downton Abbey” today, and let the fun begin!

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