Dr. Blumfield's Humiliation Slave

Medical Bondage, Discipline, and Humiliation – Rough Sex With the Doctor, #2

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Publisher Description

When Lyssa Martin, a hard-working, slightly-frazzled schoolteacher admits to her friend that sex with her husband, Burt just isn’t what it used to be, Lyssa’s friend has a recommendation: an appointment with Dr. Evan Blumfield. Willing to try anything, she sets an appointment. Little does she know, a simple exam is about to open the door to a world of decadence, pleasure and humiliation and is about to make all of her dreams come true!

Warning: this scorching hot, 13800+ word erotic sizzler features medical domination, an alpha male with just a little menace behind his smoldering eyes, a patient talked into an orgasm over the phone, hard bondage and domination, humiliation play, a stool rolling incident, explicit oral and vaginal sex, and an audience of college students. The doctor is in!


His responses to all of her concerns were uniformly scientific, cold and calm. As she listed off all her difficulties, just like Alex said to do, the doctor never said much more than “mhm” or “I see” with an occasional “hmm.”

Lyssa was just about to hang up when he caught her off guard with actual talking.

“I see, that’ll be everything. Oh, one more issue, Lyssa.” Dr. Blumfield cleared his throat. “Your situation is not unique. You shouldn’t feel bad for what you want, no matter what it is. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor. It’s just that, well, I’ve never not felt bad about it. Some sort of guilt I guess. I don’t know.”

“Well,” he said, “guilt is a problem that many people face, especially with regards to sexual issues. But we have to free ourselves from that sort of thing and begin to speak frankly and openly if we’re to make any progress.”

“Of course, doctor.”

“Tell me, Mrs. Martin, how do you feel right now?” His voice took on a warmer tone, almost sensual, Lyssa thought.

“Oh I’m okay I guess. It’s kind of hot in here.”

“Hot, I see. So you feel hot?”

“I suppose, but…”

“How do you want to feel? If you could have anything you want, right now, what would it be? Would you like for Burt to pleasure you? Do you want to feel him? Tell me, Mrs. Martin, exactly what you want.”

She gasped and put her hand to her chest. “Dr. Blumfield, I don’t know if that... can this wait for the appointment?”

“Open and honest, Mrs. Martin. Open and honest, or else what do we have? Now, tell me. When is the last time your husband really gave you what you crave? It’s been awhile, yes?”

13 January
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