Dream Meaning Manual

What Your Dreams Really Mean, And Why You're Having Them

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*From The Creator/Founder Of ‘HowToLucid’ & The YouTube Channel ‘Lucid Dreaming Experience’ With 141K Subscribers*

Revised version: I've updated this ebook in 2020-2021 to share the most effective and useful techniques for analysing your dream meanings, and interpreting your OWN dreams, every time.

Your dreams are not random!

They have specific and important meanings, which you need to interpret and understand.

But most people don’t even know how to remember their dreams, let alone INTERPRET them.

Why Interpret Your Dreams?

Your dreams contain powerful guidance and messages from your subconscious mind, and higher powers.

They’re pretty important.

Interpreting them can help you TRANSFORM your life, and unlock your potential.

I remember when I first started learning about the meaning behind dreams…

I was AMAZED at the level of detail and how profound these messages can really be, when you break them down and listen to them. It’s really amazing. Several of these dreams have quite literally changed my life and given me guidance and advice that has MASSIVELY helped me to improve my circumstances.

And I truly believe this came from a higher power.

But even if you don’t believe that and just want to know the meaning behind them:

This is really special.

It’s like having a personal guide or partner in crime who knows you better than you know YOURSELF, and who can guide and advise you on literally anything and everything. It’s really a powerful tool that you can use to change your life, and upgrade yourself.

Let me show you exactly how to interpret and analyse your dreams, but more importantly?

Let me show you what to DO with the interpretations, once you’ve got them.

I’ve created a high quality course that will teach you how to INTERPRET, understand and USE your dreams to transform your life. You’ll get a series of HD videos, audio downloads and a PDF ebook.

Learn how to INTERPRET and UNDERSTAND any dream within just a few minutes, even the really weird or scary ones

Understand why we dream, what they mean (really) and how you can use these insights and guidance to change your life, and understand your mind

Your subconscious and higher self have probably been SCREAMING at you through your dreams for a long time. It’s time to listen to what they’re saying.

Who am I?

I'm Stefan, founder of HowToLucid, and I've been a lucid dreamer for years now. I've learned from many other gurus, researchers, and philosophers about this incredible ability.

I've taught millions of people all around the world, to control their dreams, and grown my YouTube channel (where I answer peoples questions about lucid dreaming) to over 141,000 subscribers. We now have over 21,000 Instagram followers. I’m not saying this to brag, but instead to say, I wouldn't have that many, if I didn't know what I was talking about.

For example, when the brain 'thinks' about doing something or dreams about it, the SAME neural circuits fire as when the person is ACTUALLY doing it.. This means that by practicing a skill in a Lucid Dream, such as the guitar or driving a car, you can actually get REAL life results..

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this available at this low price, as this is very effective and concise information.

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25 October
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