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What Does It Mean to Go on the Paleo Diet?

Simply put, it means that we are going back to our ancestral roots to live as naturally as we possibly can. Short of hunting and gathering for ourselves, we are imitating the natural diet that kept early men and women healthy, happy, and strong enough to face the harshness of the elements every single day.

Not only does the Paleo diet help us feel better, but it also helps us look better as well. People who have adopted Paleo as a lifestyle change have found out that they have increased energy, higher stamina, and a healthier skin. The Paleo diet also enhances the immune system to prevent illness and can even positively impact the sex drive.

The reason the Paleo diet really works, and has worked for centuries, is because it is able to nourish our bodies without any interruptions from unhealthy food additives and chemicals that are actually toxic to our bodies.

So how is this book going to help you start your Paleo Journey?

The Effective Paleo Diet for Beginners will cover:
An introduction to the Paleolithic Dietthe benefits of the dietthe types of foods to eat and the ones to avoidthe potential side effects when on the dietOther helpful tips and tricks when starting the diet50 amazing recipes4-Week Paleo Plan that you can easily follow everyday
Some of the recipes include:
Grilled Bananas with CinnamonBaked Sweet PotatoBreakfast BurritoAvocado Baked EggsChicken SoupPaleo BurgersPaleo SalmonPaleo Chicken NuggetsPaleo Shrimp DinnerStuffed StrawberriesAlmond and Vanilla Paleo PopcornPaleo Pumpkin Pie CheesecakeVery Berry Paleo SmoothiePaleo Antioxidant SmoothieSuper Green Paleo Smoothie
Get your copy today and start your exciting Paleo Journey right away.

See You on the Effective Side!

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