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What you will discover in Volume #1 of The Erotic Exploits Of New Lesbian Desires...

Discovering Desires in the Girl-Garden

Leslee Lain, an average single woman with historical baggage, tries to find normalcy in her life after years of despair and self-imposed celibacy. She works a stable job and has a non-existent love life. Dani, a student at the University where she works, takes ravage of Leslee’s body in ways she never knew could happen. Dani takes student as teacher to a whole new level as she teaches Leslee a solid lesson in the basics of lesbian love. A finger-satiating lust ensues as Leslee learns foundation principles on pleasing and teasing her new lady lover.

Please Misses Officer

Leslee lives with hard lessons as she loses her job and then ends up spinning her car into a ditch. The lady within the duo of officers that she meets leaves a lasting impression and Les uses the lady officer’s image as fodder for nightly self-stimulation. Dreaming of a tantalizing tongue that an authority figure, such as Misses Officer, might have fueled Les into a night of passion as she falls deeper into her sexual fantasies with women.

Two short stories with a total of 5,877 words.
Adult content

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11 January
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