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You Are Just 1-Click Away From Learning How To Tap Into The Full Power Of One Feature That Most MS Excel Users Ignore – Macros – To Scale From Being A Beginner To An Advanced User By Automating Processes That You Never Thought Could Be Automated MS Excel is truly a revolutionary spreadsheet tool that does a lot. For many users however, they simply stop at using MS Excel to enter data, generate reports, do some simple to advanced calculations and make graphs. Most people stop there. But if you didn't know; this spreadsheet package is truly packed with limitless capabilities that you've probably never even thought could be done, leave alone using MS Excel to do them.

This feature is Macros, which you tap into best by leveraging another feature, VBA.

With a blend of these two, you can automate processes, create shortcuts, create new functions, catch and remove errors, speed things up and perform much more complex computations than you would if you didn't use these features.

In the end, you can be sure to save minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months that you would otherwise waste doing things that could be automated and done simply with Macros and VBA. But what exactly is Macros?

What does the Macros feature really do? Where does VBA come in to bring out the full power of Macros? And how do you use these two for your benefit?

If you have these and other related questions about Macros and VBA, this book is specially written for you so keep reading, as it covers the ins and outs of Macros in a language that you will certainly understand. More precisely, the book will teach you: The basics about Macros in MS Excel, including what it is and what this feature of capable of:

A comparison between absolute and relative Macro recording and why understanding this is critical powerful examples that will help you to master Macros and be able to use this cool feature to your benefit -How you can create a Macro in Excel even if you are not a programmer

-How to customize your applications to look and work exactly as you want them to work

-How to work with ranges, worksheets and workbooks in excel to bring the full power of Macros

-How to streamline your workflow with Macros

-How to automate reporting, send email and clean data by tapping into the power of Macros

And much more! Remember; there is a Macro for literally every MS Excel problem! And you don't have to be a programmer to customize everything for use!

Why? Because the book is complete with easy to follow examples and illustrations, broken down using simple, easy to follow language to help you apply Macros to in real world tasks so you can be sure it will truly serve as a quick reliable reference for all your MS Excel Macros needs!

If you are ready to take your MS Excel skillset to the next level by unlocking the power of Macros,

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Computing & Internet
15 February
Talia Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

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