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Things are falling into place for Claire but she doesn't feel that she can relax for a moment. Everyone raves about the quality of her work but why hasn't she received a single permanent job offer?

It's not enough to be having possibly the hottest sex in the city with her boyfriend, Drew Bellingham. She needs to know that he is finally free to be hers. But with Victor and Sylvia still pulling the strings behind the scenes Claire realises that nothing is certain and things are about to get a lot more complicated...


“The plans look beautiful.” Nora praised.

“Yes they do, but Sylvia isn't going to like it.” I sighed.

“Oh dear God! That bastard has you and Drew working together with Sylvia as the client?”


“He is taking this all too far.” She frowned.

“We are dealing as best we can, but I have to go show these to Sylvia and somehow explain to her she can't afford what she wants.”

“You don't think she'll like it?”

“She wanted six bedrooms and we've only managed to give her four. She wanted servant’s rooms, but we've only managed a small room for the nanny. She wanted Carrara marble throughout.” I laughed at the ridiculous notion. “She may have a stroke when I tell her the architect suggested travertine.”

“Then you're off the hook!” She grinned.

“How so?”

“If she's spending that kind of money, she needs to marry a Sheik.” Nora laughed.

“Wish me luck!” I managed a grimace-like smile as I grabbed the plans and headed for Drew's office.

He made a face at me when I walked in with the plans.

“Not happy to see me?” I teased.

“Delighted to see you, just not those plans you have in your hand. Do we really have to go?” He whined like a little boy.

“I'm afraid so.”

“I need a Claire moment first.” He sighed, pulling me close. “Hi.” He smiled down at me, his eyes crinkling.

“Hi.” I managed to whisper. The look he was giving me was doing very bad things to me. Things we agreed we would not do at work.

His lips brushed mine for a brief moment and I was left wanting more.

“Let's get this done.” he sighed, taking my hand as we headed out for our meeting with Sylvia.

“Who do you think will actually end up living in this thing?” I asked.

“Since it won't be Sylvia and I, it will probably just go on the market once she's given up.”

“She doesn't seem to be the type to give up.” I frowned...

This steamy 12,500 word novella is the third part of the series Fighting Fire

Part 4 (final) published by December 19

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4 December
Emily Stone
Draft2Digital, LLC

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