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Fit 4 Piano is intended as a resource for teachers and students. While not a method, it contains technical ideas and exercises that Rae has found most useful over a lifetime of teaching.  By establishing movements that are natural from the beginning of learning, progression though the grades is uncomplicated, rewarding, and pleasurable for both teacher and student.

Each exercise is described and shown on video, and explanations for teachers are included in interactive pop-ups for teachers. More than 80 HD video excerpts of demonstrations and musical examples show how they are relevant whether playing the easiest pieces or advanced repertoire.

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1 September
Rae de Lisle Publications
Fit 4 Piano

Customer Reviews

Hdmtha ,

Fit 4 Piano

This is the best resource for piano teachers I have ever come across - and I have been teaching for many years now. The program is well thoght through, exercises are short and effective. They foster good and healthy technique laying the best foundation for a beautiful and resonant tone. My students all love the illustrations and the beautiful videos. Even amateur players will love this one.

3viee ,

Worth every penny! 🎹

This is the best book for every piano teacher, pedagogue, pianist, parents and piano students of all ages. 
I promise you will never regret purchasing it. It is my number one go to book if I have any questions on how to help my piano students improve their technique and piano playing. As a piano teacher this is exactly what I need. Something I can show my students straight away because there are clear instructions for teachers, demonstration videos and colourful illustrations with vivid digital images. My students love it when I show them the illustrations. Worth every penny. Honestly this is one of the best investments for my piano studio.