Flying Home

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As it must be, Sam lurches down the aisle, looking for me. He finally gets back to me.
I lecture the ass hole, “Sam, you walked back to me. If you start trouble on this air plane, they throw you in jail. You go to jail, not me, since you walked back to me. If you want trouble, after we get back to the big city, they have security cameras everywhere. I can defend myself and you and your little friends go to jail, if you cause trouble. Now, why don't you just turn around and go back to your assigned seat?”
Sam sneers, “You know that me, Sam, is fucking your wife?”
I sigh, “Sam, I'm not married. Some unknown person sent me a video of Rodney in action with my former girlfriend. The video also featured Rodney with some other women, including the woman who was with you at the Christmas party. I sent the video to my lawyer. The video will be a key exhibit in a really nasty divorce trial involving Rodney and his soon to be former wife. When the rest of the women in the video are forced to testify, there will probably be more divorce actions. If you get into a fight with me, you will have volunteered for the kind of nasty settlement that they give abusive husbands.”
Sam says, “I don't believe you.”
“You will, when you see the video. By the way, Rodney didn't get pussy from the woman who was with you at the Christmas party, he shoved it up her pooper. He did that with some of the women, since it seemed to work well with his little wee-wee. I'm not going to name names, but you can ask around when you get back to the Lozenge Corporation.”
Sam asks,”Who would send you that kind of video?”
I lecture, “Sam, I quit the Lozenge Corporation. Rodney has no hold on me. I have no intention to show the video that was sent to me to anyone other than my lawyer, however, I strongly suspect that Rodney's wife got a copy. When she divorces Rodney, that will trigger a lot more divorces. The women in the videos will spread the story to as many others as they can, so that they can claim that they were made to do the nasty by Rodney and maybe they were. In the meantime, the husbands of the women will be laughing stocks, around the Lozenge Corporation. You can strut around the office and tell people how big and strong you are, but they will just laugh at you.”
Sam is really angry, he snarls, “You can lie all you want, but I still got a job, you don't and you will never get another one.”
“Sam, I already have another job. Rodney tried to prevent that, but he forgot that he has no power outside of the city. My lawyer has recordings of the Lozenge Corporation personnel people telling the personnel people that I interviewed with some really nasty lies. My lawyer doesn't want revenge for the lies, just money.”
Sam snarls, “I don't believe a word that you say.”
“Why don't you go and talk to the other Lozenge Corporation people? Well, at least try to talk to them. They won't talk to you. There are other Lozenge Corporation managers active in the sex videos. Another big Sam was in video taped action with the woman that you were with, at the company Christmas party.”
Sam snarls, “You talkin' about black Sam, I'm gonna beat your lying mouth shut.”
The stewardess, standing behind Sam, says, “You start trouble, we land this air plane and you pay the landing fee, plus you spend at least the night in a local jail. You may be able to beat the other gentleman up, you may be able to beat me up, chances are you can't beat the co-pilot up and, if you do, that's a federal charge. Get back to your seat now!”
Sam is obviously on the edge and makes several little moves, before he turns and staggers back to his assigned seat.
I tell the stewardess, “You handled that very well. May I have your name, so that I can use it in my letter to the airline?”
The stewardess is, of course, glad to give me her name. She will get at least some benefit from my letter.

Fiction & Literature
18 August
R. Richard
Draft2Digital, LLC

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